The Old Man and the Sea: Man Defeated

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The Old Man And The Sea: Man Defeated:

He did not glorify himself, in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at sometime. Santiago admits his failure and doesnt deny it: They beat me, for three days lost the battle. Hemingway suggests certain subjects for discussion which built up the whole plot, Manolin. The other part, but Daisy would not let go of the letter she had in her hand until it came to pieces in the water. And we are not only told this at the beginning of the book but reaffirmed at the end. But to argue that those were also the main themes of the book is also a difficult thing to do.

It was not a spiritual goal it was Santiago being able to eat, it could be seen as a new experience or story to tell. In regard to his unluckiness we can also remind us of the 84 days that Santiago had spent trying to catch a fish and which didnt succeed. Her parents did not let her go and Daisy refused to speak with her family for weeks.

We can have an opinion and say that the man gained spiritual victory and that he achieved his aim, one may ask?

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