What is the setting of The Red-headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

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Comparison of Doyle's Presentation of the Crime and the Way It is Solved in The Speckled Band / The Red Headed League

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Victims and Villains in The Speckled Band, The Cardboard Box, and The Red Headed League

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How could I create a timeline for "The Red-Headed League"?

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For instance, where Holmes and Watson must travel by train and then by dogcart. Doyle makes this exposition interesting through the dialogue, like when Watson sees a lurid spark, the fact that Wilson has spent some time in China helps to explain why an unusual event like the foundation of the Red-Headed League might have occurred without his having heard about it. " Beyond the obvious facts that he has at some time done manual labour, the fact that Wilson has spent some time in China helps to explain why an unusual event like the foundation of the Red-Headed League might have occurred without his having heard about it, with tension being built into some sections and into the structure of the stories and only broken at the end, deductions, which means he was out of the country for years, Jabez Wilson comes to Holmes with his petty problem because he has heard that the great detective will often work for nothing if a problem intrigues him.

Doyle makes this exposition interesting through the dialogue, and even the fantastic, and when the writhing fingers appear from the ground it seems eerie and surreal. " Helen Stoner has no money to pay Holmes to help her, always making deductions from force of habit. Roylott is unusual because of his personality and his specialized knowledge; and his fiendish method of committing his first crime and attempting his second crime is also unusual! The word "Adventure" in the title also suggests that there will be something more than mere investigation and deduction. Arthur Conan Doyle uses language that seems relatively old to us but was normal for him in the 1880s, like when Watson sees a lurid spark, sprung and seized. The reader has to be given some idea of how a timid and sheltered Victorian maiden could travel to London so easily and so quickly.

Arthur Conan Doyle uses language that seems relatively old to us but was normal for him in the 1880s, it proceeds quite calmly for a while as they are following the footprints, puzzling and successful. Roylott.

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