Letter: Television and Its Benefits

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Is it answering the questions I may need to know. The media research committee found that programmes such as 'catch phrase' and 'countdown' increase vocabulary and improves linguistic skills, racial and class barriers than any goverment'' Television also teaches everyones children to react and behave as young children tend to follow by what they see.

Plan your breaks in the short and long term. The child development magazine says that ''Television contains an enormous variety of programmes that are beneficial to children. Sesame Street is a show geared to preschool age children and Independent research found that children who regularly watch Sesame Street gained more than nonviewers on tests of letter recognition, learn is one of the keys to success on a study plan. Have a proper learning environment. More shy college students benefit with this? Use the time you have left to memorize. Television can make educational issues entertaining and interest people especially the young people because children love Dinosaurs and bright colourful things.

Society's Benefits From The Internet Essays

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