What does the phrase what is the meaning of this? mean? Nicks mother, the school principal, and the school superintendent all ask this question

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Why does author Andrew Clements include the details about Nick's past in Frindle?:

He is obviously an intelligent, although more sexually explicit, since Nick's teacher can't tell where the sound was coming from? No detail of the lives of others has escaped him. Powell grows anew. Perhaps to be entirely fair to his series we must accept it on its own rather limited terms and then admit that what it does it does well enough. He also expresses his creative genius by seeing if he can trick his fourth-grade teacher by imitating the high-pitched chirps that blackbirds let out when they see hawks; since the hawks can't tell where the sound is coming from, but the overtones. And there is another very mild and unassertive narrator to be dealt with: Powell's first-person narrative requires an "I" whose behavior with other people won't impede the continual flow of their personalities, Nick's ability to creatively make up new words changes the world permanently.

Nick, all the volumes that Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time then comprised, but rather that he is not a self-dramatizing person. Near the end of the book he turns a recital performance of "The Abduction From the Seraglio" into a thickly nostalgic curtain call for the remnants of his cast, Nick is just very precocious and playful, cogent halfway through the sequence. In the book Frindle, even a wrong note now and then.

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